Strategy C – Clarity, Collaboration and Care

Business Strategy and planning

I work with my clients to help then find clear direction, grow their businesses and create more time and money to be more effective and efficient, to successfully invest in their own businesses.

Problems my clients have – Is this you?

The business is doing all right for now, but the market place is changing, leaving uncertainty over where to invest and what direction to go in, and any longer-term plans.

You are too busy running the business day to day to take a long-term view and create a strategy. Which means that the team may not be pulling in the same direction, which in turn results in trying to solve strategic issues with tactical solutions, and not getting the results you want. It’s costing time, money and energy:  you’re missing direction and clarity to grow.

How I can help

I believe strategy should be inspirational, exciting and fun (yes really).

I help by getting involved in the business. I bring a fresh view and provide analysis and insight. I work with you to develop a workable and coherent business strategy to remove those on-going problems, find direction, clarity and flow; then stay with you to maintain focus and implementation.

You’ll know where you are, where you are going, and how you’ll get there.

Perhaps like helping the publishing start-up that had lost focus and was rapidly running out of very limited resources, refocus with a cohesive strategy that maximised results of its investments and expenses by matching its strengths with the market: increasing revenue, profit, profitability and rescuing cash-flow.

Or working with a public sector organisation moving towards privatisation to be clear on its objectives, implement the necessary actions, to win and deliver major contracts.

It could even be as for the global enterprise - devising strategy to enter new markets, launch new products and increase market share, revenue and ROI.

Ask me a question or pose me a problem here, and I’ll get back to you  - just email me.